Iyengar Yoga Camden, ME

Iyengar Yoga

Tuesday 9:00 am – 10:30 am &  5:15 pm - 6:45 pm

Thursday 9:00 am – 10:30 am 

Level of Difficulty: Beginner to Advanced.

Drop In Fee: $15 session or card fee: $120 for a 10 class card

Iyengar yoga focuses on alignment and precision in the poses. B.K.S. Iyengar believes that the body is the doorway into the soul. Through absolute attention to the small actions in the body, one's mind is more easily cleared and the student becomes very present. This is a dynamic class moving through the full range of asanas; we commence with a flow of standing postures, often move through backbends/twists/forward bends, and do inversions. While the class is very active, it is also suitable for beginners willing to challenge themselves because the Iyengar method is very instructive on teaching proper alignment in all the asanas and presenting variations of poses that every body type can achieve.  

Yoga Flow with Denyse Camden, ME

Yoga Flow with Denyse

Thursday 7:30 - 8:45 am. 

Saturday 8:30 am – 9:45 am.

All Levels Welcome.

Drop In Fee: Sliding Scale $10 to $20

Each class begins with a meditation, our intentions are set, we then proceed to warm the body with sun salutations. We commence the flow with a creative sequencing of standing poses and move onto balance moves, gentle inversions, forward and back bends, and end with supine poses geared toward opening the body while restoring and aligning body, mind, and spirit. All classes are all levels.

Sunday Yoga Camden, ME

Sunday Yoga 

Teacher: check back to see when class will resume

Sundays, 9:00 -10:00 am 

Gentle Vinyasa- This class works on moving through postures in a slow vinyasa flow to focus on alignment and breath. Come into postures slowly to stretch and relieve tension. This class allows you to relax and prepare for the new week. Use the movement of the practice as an active meditation. Let your mind take a break. Find your inner rhythm with your breath. All levels are welcome!

FitYoga Bootcamp Camden, ME

FitYoga Bootcamp

Check back to see when classes will resume

A fun, energizing, body-positive class. Combining yoga, breathwork, and various other forms of fitness training. You can move through the rest of your day feeling amazing.

Yoga Nidra, Camden, ME

Yoga for Low Back Pain

Wednesdays 4-5pm in March 

$50 for the month or March or $15 per drop-in

After years of teaching, Denyse has come to see that the number one issue people complain about is low back pain.  This pain is very often accompanied by SIJ (sacroiliac joint) inflammation and/or pain and can often be the root of hip and leg pain as well. The cause of this pain varies but some of the most frequent are; prolonged sitting at a desk or in a vehicle, hormonal changes during pregnancy, nursing and menopause, causing a change in laxity in the ligaments, an injury, a sneeze, a slip on the ice, a misstep off of a curb....... 


In this class she will teach a bit about the structure of the low back, the spine, the SIJ, and pelvis, and their role in our daily movements as well as their proper alignment in different yoga postures.  If you have chronic (ongoing) low back pain, she will teach which poses to take a break from, what to replace it with, and many, "off the mat" ways that can contribute to more comfort and ease of movement.


Please note, if you are experiencing acute, sharp low back pain, you should not be attending this or any Yoga class, rather consult a chiropractor, osteopath or your Primary Care doctor for a referral.


This class will be taught a bit differently than my regular flow classes as I will demonstrate the movement and then circulate to help people align and prop up in the pose verbally, while still maintaining a safe distance.  Due to COVID restrictions, I will not be making any hands on adjustments at this point.  I encourage people to sign up monthly as it is a cumulative process, and you will benefit much more than if you drop-in.

FMI, to ask any questions, or to know when the next class is offered please email Denyse Robinson at

Yoga Nidra, Camden, ME

Yoga Nidra

Check back to see when this class resumes 

Students who have practiced Yoga Nidra with me have reported, "A deeper sense of relaxation than they ever have before in their lives, losing all sense of time and even Self."  


The Sanskrit word Nidra is broken down into two syllables; "Ni"- meaning nothingness, absence, or void, and "Dra"- meaning to draw forth. Nidra can bring you to a higher level of awareness and consciousness, and this can have lasting benefits during your "waking" hours such as reducing anxiety and stress, normalizing sleep patterns and releasing old patterns of behavior or thought.


FMI, to ask any questions, or to know when the next class is offered please email Denyse Robinson at