Sundays, 9-10 am

Drop In Fee: $15 (10 classes $120)

Teacher: Elizabeth LeMar


*** Currently requiring sign ups by text or email please- 207-230-9923 or

Hatha yoga helps to purify the body by forcefully uniting the sun and the moon energies. This Hatha yoga classes we will incorporate meditation and pranayama - (breathing exercises) to help center and cleanse the body, and mind. Surya namaskar (sun salutations) to build heat and strengthen your cardiovascular system. As well as a variation of asanas that are typically held for a higher count of breaths, typically 6 to 12 breaths per posture. Physical postures or asanas are taught with focus on alignment and breath. Linked together with an variation of vinyasa. This class is an excellent style for the student that prefers a more meditative approach to practice yoga. Hatha classes provide an excellent opportunity to build strength and flexibility. All levels are welcome.

Drop In Fee: $15 session or card fee: $120 for a 10 class card

Teacher: Colleen Duggan


Iyengar yoga focuses on alignment and precision in the poses. B.K.S. Iyengar believes that the body is the doorway into the soul. Through absolute attention to the small actions in the body, one's mind is more easily cleared and the student becomes very present. This is a dynamic class moving through the full range of asanas; we commence with a flow of standing postures, often move through backbends/twists/forward bends, and do inversions. While the class is very active, it is also suitable for beginners willing to challenge themselves because the Iyengar method is very instructive on teaching proper alignment in all the asanas and presenting variations of poses that every body type can achieve.  

Drop In Fee: $10- $15

Teacher: Kristin Johns

In this class, we will focus on the connection between movement and breath to create a mindful vinyasa flow which calms, strengthens, and opens the mind, body, and soul. We will begin class with a few minutes of pranayama (mindful breathing exercises), followed by a series of flowing asana poses, and of course ending with savasana (final resting pose), bringing peace to your inner core. Through bringing our awareness to our breath, we open ourselves to the present moment both on and off the mat. All levels are welcome to attend! If you can breathe, you can do yoga!  

Drop In Fee: Sliding Scale $10 to $20

Teacher: Denyse Robinson

Each class begins with a meditation, our intentions are set, we then proceed to warm the body with sun salutations. We commence the flow with a creative sequencing of standing poses and move onto balance moves, gentle inversions, forward and back bends, and end with supine poses geared toward opening the body while restoring and aligning body, mind, and spirit. All classes are all levels.  

FitYoga Bootcamp

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 6-6:50am

12 Classes for $120

Teacher: Ramona Black


A fun, energizing, body positive class. Combining yoga, breath work and various other forms of fitness training. You can move through the rest of your day feeling amazing.

Resorative Yoga with Meghan

Wednesdays 12-1pm

$12 Drop In

Teacher: Meghan Hunter


Restorative Yoga is a gentle, therapeutic practice that allows the body to open at it’s own pace. Using props for support, we hold poses in stillness and quiet without effort or force. The architecture of restorative poses and the practice of receptivity is a very specific approach which allows us to access states of deep mind and body relaxation. Students are likely to leave this hour-long class with an expanded energetic awareness, balanced nervous system and a greater capacity to move through the week.


*please bring something to use as an eye cover (scarf, hand towel, bandana).

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