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Midcoast Swings Upcoming Classes and Events

Posted on June 4, 2017

“Solo” Swing Dance Classes!

Tuesdays in June, 7-8 pm

Have fun this summer with these non-partner classics done by dancers all over the world! They are easy to learn, a healthy workout, and will increase your “vocabulary” of moves.

Learn cool moves such as the “sailor step”, “boogie walks”, “fish tails”, “mess-a-round”. Connect with your own body, increase balance and flexibility, feel rhythm, use your arms, practice weight transfer, breathe, and increase self-expression, all in joyful community.

No partners. Focus on you!

June 6: The Big Apple

Find out why this was the most popular dance in the country in 1938. Inspired by teenagers, “You just got in a group and followed along.” 

June 13: The Shim Sham

This is the ‘national anthem’ for swing dancers. It is danced globally in honor of Frankie Manning, one of the original Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers and “ambassador of swing”.

June 20: The Madison

The biggest dance craze of the 60s, these steps poke fun at celebrities and the culture of the times (ex. Gun Smoke, Wilt Chamberlain). This wacky dance is in the musical HairSpray.

June 27: The Jitterbug Stroll

A contemporary choreography by Ryan Francois, using vintage moves and danced to a funky swing tune of the same name.

One class: $12.

All 4 classes: $40.

Pre-pay and save: $35

Per Couple/4 classes: $75.

August Swing Dance Classes

Learn a west coast swing flashmob routine!

Five Tuesdays in August, 7-8 pm

It is time for the 2017 International WCS Flashmob routine! Beginners and experienced dancers will enjoy this routine and learn cool moves to use socially.

Basic experience in west coast swing is required. Participation in a flashmob is not required!!

4 weeks – $40.  5 weeks – $45.

Bring a partner and save $5 each

Saturday, Sept 2nd is International West Coast Swing Flashmob Day. We usually dance at the LL Bean Boot in Freeport. Make this the year you join us!


FMI: katiet or Facebook: Joyfuldancing