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African Drumming Workshop and African Dance Class

Posted on August 27, 2015

WORKSHOP- Saturday, October 3rd from 2-6PM

CLASS- Tuesdays starting September 8th

African Drumming Workshop

Master Drummer and Teacher Namory Keita will be teaching drumming workshops for all skill levels at High Mountain Hall.

He will be teaching a Beginner’s Class 2-3PM, an Intermediate/Advanced class from 3-4, a Children’s class from 4-4:30 and then drumming for a dance class taught by Denyse Robinson 4:45-6PM. This is such a great opportunity to learn from a master right here in our little village.  Please know that this workshop is geared toward all levels including those who have NO EXPERIENCE!!!  He is the Master, not you!

Cost for the workshop is $20 per adult drum class, $10 for Children’s Class and $30 for a drum class and dance combo.  If you would like to do the entire day, (two drum classes and a dance class) the cost is $40.  Please register by emailing Denyse Robinson at or call her with any questions 975-5325

4 Week African Dance Class

In order to prepare for this amazing workshop Denyse Robinson is teaching a Beginner’s African Dance Class open to ages 8 through 108 during the month of September on Tuesdays, September 8th-29th, 5:00-6:15PM.  Denyse has been studying West African Dance for the past 20 years and has been loving teaching what she knows for the past 15 years.  Absolutely no experience is necessary and this is open to all! 4 classes $35 or drop-in rate $15 per class.

About Namory Keita:

Namory Keita was born in 1982 in the village of Sangbarala, Guinea. At age 7 he began drumming and has been the lead drummer in his village since 2006.

Members of his family are well-known drummers around the world such as his brothers, Solo Keita, who lives in Japan, and Nansady Keita, in England. Namory grew up drumming with his uncle Famoudou Konate, one of the most famous African drummers in the world.

Namory recorded his first CD in 2010 named Kolafolo (“Beginning of Everything”). He is a featured artist on recordings by Solo Keita, Billy Konate and Diarra Konate to name a few.

As an international teacher and performing artist, Namory has travelled to many places to share his culture including Germany, Poland, France, Canada, and Portugal. Since coming to America in 2010, he has played with Famoudou Konate, Mamady Keita, Bolokada Conde, Mousa Traore and many more.

Namory is a sought after drummer for dance classes, playing often for the world renowned West African dance teacher Yousouf Koumbassa.

Currently Namory performs and teaches weekly drumming classes throughout New England. He is a patient teacher for all skill levels and brings a thorough understanding of the whole drum ensemble and West African musical experience to his students.

Phillip Styles for the Namory photo Credit.

Namory KeitaDenyse African Dance

Welcome Back Swing Dance!

Posted on August 27, 2015

September 19th, 2015

7:00-10:00 pm

 To kick start our year, this dance is only $5!

Featuring crossover music for all styles of swing

7:00 Free swing dance lesson for beginners

7:30-10:00 Open dancing.

Swinging DJs will inspire your west coast swing, east coast swing, lindy hop, balboa, blues, and do-your-own-thing.

No partner or experience necessary.

Healthy refreshments and door prizes!

Co-sponsored by Maine Dance Circuit, a non-profit promoting dance programs and scholarships for youth in Maine.

Come dance with us!


For more information:

Facebook: Joyfuldancing

Katie Tranzillo: 203-915-9371

SOUL FOOD A 5Rhythms® Workshop with Andrew Holmes

Posted on August 25, 2015


Monday, October 12th    11am – 5pm

High Mountain Hall, Camden


We have a pretty good idea of who we are.

Some of it we like, some of it not so much.

But we’re pretty attached to this image of ourselves.


The fact is we’re far bigger than we think we are.

The soul is full of possibility.


Come and spend a day inhabiting this freedom.

Nourish lightness of being. Choose pleasure and delight.

Be all that you can be.

Dance to feed the soul, and watch it fly! 

Andrew has been teaching the 5 Rhythms for nearly twenty years. “The depth and simplicity of your teaching is stunning.” 


Cost  ~

Early Bird by 10/1 – $60

At the Door – $75 – $85


Questions or to Register ~ 

Kari Luehman   701 9557


About Andrew Holmes: 

Andrew studied extensively with Gabrielle Roth and runs workshops in many countries. He teaches at the Heartbeat level. For twenty years, he also worked as a theatre director. His workshop, The Holy Actor, combines the embodied aliveness of the dance with the transforming freedom of improvised theatre and has become one of the classic workshops of the 5Rhythms program. He lives in England with his partner Sharon, Laurie, Matthew & Natalie.

Andrew teaches with patient subtlety, imperceptibly guiding you deep, without fuss. His gentle compassion creates a safe space in which transformation can happen. He works with a light touch, and an embodied intelligence, bringing great delight to the spiritual practice he loves.

West Coast Swing, Workshop and Dance!

Posted on August 24, 2015

Saturday, October 17th, 2015

5:00 -10:00 pm

Workshops, 5:00 – 7:00 pm

Anne is back! Our guest instructor this month is Anne Fleming, 1st place winner at dance events across the US. You do not want to miss this opportunity!

Two workshops for experienced beginners and intermediate/advanced dancers.

5:00 – 6:00: West coast swing, details TBA

6:00 – 7:00: West coast swing, details TBA


Swing Dance, 7:00 – 10:00 pm

Featuring crossover music for all styles of swing. Just $9.

7:00 Beginners review the basics of swing at the FREE lesson

7:30 – 10:00 Open dancing with DJs Fleming and Tranzillo


Swinging DJs will inspire your east coast swing, west coast swing, lindy hop, blues dance, and do-your-own-thing. This month there will be extra emphasis on music for west coast swing.

No partners or experience necessary! Healthy refreshments and door prizes.


For more information:

Katie Tranzillo, 203-915-9371 

Facebook event: Joyfuldancing


Co-sponsored by Maine Dance Circuit, a non-profit promoting dance programs and scholarships for youth in Maine.

Reiki with Denyse

Posted on November 25, 2014

Reiki sessions are now available Thursdays 12-3 and  Fridays 11-3 at High Mountain Hall

What is Reiki?
Reiki, pronounced RAY-KEE, is an ancient hands on healing technique originally used by Buddhist monks, and then resurrected in the early 1900′s by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan, and ultimately brought to the West, via his lineage. This type of energy work is non-invasive, gentle, and is a very powerful technique for acute pain, post operative procedures, emotional dis-ease, the beginning of cold/flu symptoms and injuries.  Reiki is also very helpful for chronic conditions with successive, ongoing sessions.
Denyse Robinson is a Reiki Master-Teacher and has been since 2004. She has been practicing daily on her family, friends and Self for 15 years and decided recently to open the doors to the public. She is now offering sessions at High Mountain Hall on Thursdays, 12-3 pm and Fridays 11-3 pm by appointment. 
What to expect from a Reiki session:
A Reiki session is one hour long. The client lies fully clothed on a massage table and the Reiki practitioner uses hand placements over the front and back of the body by either gently touching the client, or hovering the hands over the area.  One’s CHI (Universal Life Force Energy),  is activated whilst the practitioner is placing the Reiki symbols on the person. People have a wide range of sensations from feeling not too much, to feeling intense amounts of heat, and even sweating.  Most people experience something in the middle. 100% of the clients I have seen feel less stress and more open and grounded.
FMI or to book a session today, Please Call Denyse 975-5325
Gift Certificates are available
Regular price $50/ session
Special offer $40/session if booking an appointment now- December 23rd.